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Notes To Self - 2017 - 10/27/2017



As is usually the case, The Raptor make all sorts of "Notes To Self" in order to develop some great idea to present her on this site or perhaps on The Facebook. Submitted for your approval are some recent Notes that didn't make it to the dance but could be important...

07/10/17 - Wile E Coyote - Super Genius of 207 - Backstory here is that one of the pop culture stalwarts of The Looney Tunes Series featuring Bugs Bunny is the hapless coyote who chases but ever catches up to The Roadrunner. Wile E Coyote can speak...unlike Roadrunner who just Beeps...Speaking of geniuses, The Raptor would like to remind visitors that a link here on the Homepage takes you to an IQ Test if you feel inclined to know your IQ.

It should be noted that The Raptor has an IQ of 132 and I have heard differing accounts of Trump's IQ. He states he is very intelligent...however, his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has referred to Trump as a effing moron in public...must be true

07/19/17 - Twitter Source, Brad Jaffy sent out a tweet on 07/18/17 which stated that "US gov't is paying $130,000 a month to lease Trump Tower space - even though Trump hasn't spent a night there as POTUS. The Raptor says..."The Rich Get Richer"

09/07/17 - Popular Theories -

The Pantangele Theory - In film classic, "The Godfather II", Frank Pantangele is being grilled by a Senator and a Senate Aide and decides to lie to protect his boss, Don Corleone. Since he is an old man and has nothing to loose he shrugs his shoulders and lies about his relationship with The Don and eventually commits suicide.

Candidate Donal Trump utilized The Pantangele Gambit when being interviews by CNN around the time of the March 2nd,2016 Primaries, Trump was asked about a recent endorsement he received from David Duke, Grand Wizard of The KKK, and Trump got a contorted look on his face and lied to the American People stating he didn't know any one named David Duke on The CNN Sunday Political Show,:State Of The Union" .This was determined to be pure BS and on the Monday before the primaries, Trump showed up at a news conference and "disavowed" Duke. All the while Trump looked like a baboon.

"The Shoot The Duck Theory" - Daffy Duck hates Bugs Bunny so much that he tries to trick Elmer Fudd into shooting Bugs because it's Duck Season and Bugs is dressed up like a Duck. Daffy runs out from behind a tree after using some circular logic on Elmer and yells out "Shoot The Duck!" and Elmer promptly blows Daffy head off. This story reminds The Raptor on how Trump keeps pointing at Hillary Clinton and asks The Media to shoot her but no one is buying it and The Media keeps blowing Trump's head off.

"The Carl Spackler/Sandy McTavish Theory" - During a scene in "Caddyshack", Judge Smales is yelling at Green-keeper Sandy McTavish to get rid of the gophers and McTavish points to the ground and exclaims he "will put his best man on it" The scene then shifts to Assistant Greens Keeper, Carl Spackler who is simulating jerking off with a ball washer while having sexual thoughts about Mrs... Crane. Love the part where Spackler groans and yells out "Your A Tramp" The Raptor figures that Trump jerks off every morning with his tiny hands as part of his pre-nup and then creates a pearl necklace

09/14/17 - Voting Machine Check - Has anyone confirmed that our Erie County Voting machines are unhackable?

9/18/17 - Check out website www.unhackthe

10/05/17 - Guns In America - FBF's are posting equivalents about gun violence and Senator Tom Cole has equivalents about how terrorists have used truck to kill people so there in no sense banning assault weapons

10/11/17 - By nominating Trump as President, Steve Bannon was introduced to the General Public. Now Steve Bannon will start planning the demise of The Republican Party and it will lead to a drastic change in the nation's electoral map

10/11/17 - Tweet From @proudresister

GOP: We Are Not Sexist... Trump: Grab Em By The Pussy

GOP: We Are Not Racist...Trump: NFL Players Stop Kneeling

GOP: We Are Not anti-LGBTQ ...Trump: Transgender Military Ban

GOP: We Are Not White Supremacists... Trump: Nazis and KKK Are Fine People

10/11/17 - Does It Matter If The President Is Smart?

10/12/17 - ACA Rules

Trump rolling back rules having to do with insurance company regulations providing assistance to Affordable Care Act enrollees

10/12/2017 - Trump/Alone

Trump is trying to destroy Healthcare, The Iran Nuclear Deal,, NAFTA, The Trans-Pacific Partnership. He's got a war going with North Korea and he ignores the plight of Americans who are being affected by tragedies such as flood in Texas, the hurricane in Puerto Rico and the fires in California. There must be someone in his administration that's helping him with all this

10/14/17 - President

When Trump was speaking extemporaneously yesterday he stated that he was meeting with the President of The Virgin Islands when in fact he is The President of The Virgin Islands

10/14/17 - Anthem Issue

Trump wedged himself into this issue and made it a bigger issue when it was actually starting to fade away




All The News That's Fit To Print - 04/24/2017



Ted Nugent has been in the news lately. The Raptor began story boarding this thread about two months ago and it was going to be built around Nugent's continued development as a political icon to be re coned with in The Great State of Michigan. Nugent has been crafting a post rock icon personality as a 2nd Amendment Activist and has hinted that he is planning a run for the U S Senate. Here is a pic of Nugent along with Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, Significant Others visiting the White House by invitation from President Donald Trump.


Nugent hasn't always been this respectable. Way back in the 70's Ted Nugent sowed his chops as a Rock Icon, coming on strong with a self titled debut studio album in 1976.


According to the back of the album jacket...

"The mention of Ted Nugent’s name has different reactions from rock fans in different parts of the country – nods of familiarity on both coasts and clenched fists and knowing grins in the vast Midwest and South.

Ted’s no-nonsense approach to the electric guitar – i.e. one guitar, eight Fender speaker cabinets and no toys in between to mess up the signal – has long been a trademark in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City, Atlanta, where he headlines big halls, but we here on the East Coast and our Pacific friends have been missing out on something very important; Ted Nugent is most probably the only legit metal guitar showman America has spawned in the face of the British onslaught; and Ted has been ripping apart concert halls as long as any of them.

We feel this is Ted’s finest recording by far. The power burned into these grooves is difficult to find anywhere else this side of the Atlantic, and indeed a rare commodity anywhere in the world. So, turn it up, New York and Los Angeles and discover Ted Nugent – the energy source that the heartland has been using all along"

1976 – Ted Nugent’s First Album – Notable songs – Stranglehold, Stormtroopin’, Snakeskin Cowboys

A few years later, Nugent came out with his ultimate Album, Cat Scratch Fever and the Album Jacket had Nugent's classic look....


Conservatives Pols who are the base of The Republican Party are falling all over themselves sounding the horns of proclamation on Nugent's personality as a Real American. Along with former Governor Palin and Kid Rock, these folks are poised to represent The GOP in the years to come as politicians like President Trump, Mitch McConnell and Orin Hatch fade into the sunset.

The Raptor does not know Nugent except for what I have heard him sing out on his albums. Maybe his act is what it is and he is actually a serious man. It should be noted that Nugent's concerts are legendary and The Raptor can recall attending a show here in Erie, PA in the early 80's with the now deceased "K". Nugent wowed the crowd with his athletic performance and at one point he harpooned a prop of a White Buffalo with a burning arrow. The Raptor was impressed.

The Raptor has always had a spot in the rotation to listen to these old classic albums but, with that being said, The Raptor does not see a window to accept the new Ted Nugent as a voice of reason in the United States Senate. After all, he has come out on record as calling President Barack Obama a "mongrel" He talks like a crazy man and he looks like he could be crazy. The Raptor refers to this development as The Republican Gift That Keeps On Giving. Many thanks GOP you make this easy


There Is Talk Of An Inauguration - 01/17/2017


The Raptor is getting ready to head out the door for some doctor visits. It has been determined that The Raptor has what is known in the Medical World as a "Large Chondroid Sarcoma" in the sternum. This mass will require surgical removal and it is such that processes like Radiation and chemotherapy are not prescribed.

The mass was somewhat evident as of April and May of 2016 and it was brought to the attention of The Raptor's PCP in June. At that time the PCP felt it was best to monitor the mass with a follow up visit which occurred in December 2016. Shortly after that a X- Ray was done, then shortly after that a CT Scan was performed. Once the CT Scan was performed a visit was scheduled with a Oncology Othopaedic Surgeon in Pittsburgh. Since the visit with that surgeon, a bone scan has been completed and today The Raptor will be travelling to Pittsburgh for a biopsy.

As additional details are developed, updates will be published. The Raptor appreciates your thoughts and payers.

With that being said, here are some brief thoughts on this coming Friday's Inauguration of Donald Trump as President of The United States. President-Elect Trump has spent the past two months preparing for this day and according to what The Raptor has learned on the MSNBC News Show "Morning Joe" this morning, President Elect Trump has been "fretting" during the past few days about the gravity of this situation. The Raptor has been watching this shit show unfold and as for as The Raptor is concerned President Elect Trump's "Acting Presidential" Ship has sailed.


President Elect Trump's conduct during this transition has been deplorable (to borrow some campaign rhetoric). President-Elect Trump's supporters won't care about this. Since their votes have been cast for him, they will have to ride the ship wherever it sails. The common hope is that President Elect Trump will suddenly become Presidential and carry out his promises to somehow Make America Great Again.

As far as The Raptor is concerned, America has been good as of late. Maybe not great and certainly there is always room for a improvement. Unfortunately, since President Elect Trump has been acting Un-Presidential, his decision to grow up is too little too late. In President-Elect Trump's own Twitter words...Sad!



Note: See Additional Politics Updates At "The Politics Page" Link